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Kipor digital diesel generator ID2200E---2kva

Kipor digital diesel generator ID2200E---2kva
Product Detailed

1.Maximum output2KVA
2.Noise51~53dB/7m distant
3..Stylish and patented design
4.7 hours'fuel tank
5.kipor brand ID2200E

 Kipor diesel inverter generator is the latest generation generator, which is designed by combining engine and effective multi-pole generator, and with inverter system controlled by microprocessor. Its portability and qualified power has surpassed that of the conventional generator and stands for the world highest level of nowadays medium and miniature size generator. Kipor inverter generator will meet your different electric demands and will provide qualified and perfect power for lamps and lanterns, electric tool, electric equipment, computer and sensitive electric equipment with micro computer chip.

1. Lightweight:High efficiency out rotor multi-pole permanent magnetic generator is applied, results in a 30% to 50% reduction in weight and overall dimension.

2. High Quality Power:Inverter technology is applied to produce high quality power.
3. Energy Saving:Kipor utilizes “Intelligent Energy Saving Mode”, which will adjust engine rotation speed according to the load, so that the fuel consumption is reduced and generator service life is prolonged.4 Silent:Silent “Intelligent Energy Saving Mode” is applied to effectively reduce the generator noise.

1.Maximum 2.0KVA output for wide range of applications.
2.noise design, about 80dB(A)/7m.
3.Inverter technology delivers quality output.
4.Stylish and patented design.
5.Unique and patented air cycle system.
6.Dual voltage and frequendy output for ease of use. 

Rated frequency  (Hz)

50    60

Rated voltage(V)

230/115   240/120

Rated current (A)

7.8/15.6   7.5/15

Rated speed(r/min)


Rated output (kVA)


Max. output (kVA)


DC output


Loop type

Single phase three loop

Power factor(cos)


Insulation Grade


Motor type/Frequency conversion type

Multipole permanent magnetism ferrite/IGBT digtial frequency conversion

Engine model


Engine type

Single cylinder, 4-stroke,  air-cooled, diesel injection





Compression ratio


Rated power kW(r/min)


Fuel type

0#(summer), -10# (winter), -35#(chillness)diesel

Lube oil type

SAE10W30 (above CC grade)

Fuel consumption(g/kW·h)


Fuel tank capacity(L)


Continous running time(hr)


Overall dimension(L×W×H)


Net Weighte(kg)


Noise at rated load





How quiet are genset?

Here is a comparison to help you judge just how quiet the generators are.

Decibel Level


0 dB

The softest sound a person can hear with normal hearing

10 dB

Normal breathing

20 dB

Whispering at 5 feet

30 dB

Soft whisper

40 dB

Quiet office, library, quiet residential area

54-60 dB

Kipor Generators

55 dB

Coffee percolator

60 dB

Normal conversation, sewing machine

70 dB

Freeway traffic

74 dB

Coleman Generators (recent models only. Older units are louder)

80 dB

Manual machine, tools

90 dB

Truck, shouted conversation, tractor

100 dB

Snowmobile, school dance, boom box, factory machinery, woodworking class

110 dB

Symphony concert, shouting in ear

To select the correct size generator for your needs you should make a list of which tools and/or appliances you intend to operate with your generator. The chart below contains approximate wattages and should give you an idea of the size generator you will need. After you make your list of devices to be used, (be sure to consider starting wattages) you will add the total watts and select the generator that can supply that amount of power.

HouseHold Running Wattage Requirements  Starting Wattage Requirements
Coffee Maker 1750 1750
Dishwasher 1450 1800
Electric Fry Pan 1300 1300
Electric Range
6 Inch Elements 1500 1500
8 Inch Elements 2100 2100
Microwave Oven 625 watts 625 800
Refrigerator or Freezer 700 2200
Toaster  2-slice 1050 1050
Toaster 4- Slice 1650 1650
Automatic Clothes Washer 1150 2300
Clothes Dryer Gas 700 1800


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