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mulit-user diesel welding generator

mulit-user diesel welding generator
Product Detailed

1)Newest design,popular with customers
2)Tow function:welding and generator power
3)light weight,easy operation ,perfect safty

Just for reference:


Engine oil is the most important factor in determining the life of your generator engine.If you

use poor engine oil or if you don't change the oil regularly, the piston and cylinder will wear

easily or seize up.Also,the life of the other parts in your engine such as bearings,and otherrotating parts                                       

 Time to change engine oil

Although there is an alarm system to check for low oil pressure, it is always a good idea to

check the amount of oil inside the engine .If the oil level is low ~fill it before starting the

engine. A good time to drain the oil from the engine is when the diesel engine is still hot .

Ifthe engine is fully cooled,it is more difficult to drain all the oil out or some impurities will remain in the engine.

Check air filter

(1)Loosen the butterfly nut ,take the cover

of the air filter off and take the air filter ele-

ment out.

Do not use detergent to wash the air filter

element.When the performance of the en-

gine decreases or when the color of the ex-

haust gases is bad,exchange the filter

element.Never start the engine without the

air filter as foreign objects may enter the in-

take and damage the engine.

(2)Afterplace the firmly. Cover at the check mouth fur air filter

2-2.4 Checking the generator welder

Before starting the generator,make sure the

air switch is in the "off" position .Starting

the generator with the switch in the "on"

switch is very dangerous.

The generator should be grounded in order

to prevent electric shock.

Use dry compressed air(with pressure about

1.96 ~ 105 Pa)to blow the dust out in the

electric control cabinet and at the surface of

the generator.Check to see how clean the

surface of the sliding ring is.Check the pres-

sure of the carbon brash.Also,check whether

the position of the carbon brush at the slide

rig is correct and the fixture is reliable with

a good contact.

According to the electric wiring diagram,

 check to see whether the connecting wire is

 correct and the connected place is firm.

 Use a 500 Mg~ meter to measure the insula-

 tion resistance of the electrical part.The re-

 sistance should be less than 2Mfa.When

 measuring devices ,make sure the capacitor

 is turned off.Otherwise ,it will burn the

 capacitor.(For silent set,the inspection may

 not be carried out).

2-2.5 The fuel and oil in a new engine is

drained before sold .Before you start the

engine, please fill the fuel tank snd oil first.

Then,check to see if there are air bubbles

positin the engine. If there are, follow these

procedures.Loosen the connecting nut be-

tween the oil injection pump and oil pipe.

Bleed the air from the system until there

are no more bubbles. Then replace the con- 

necting nut and tighten it.

(2)Loosen the outer cover bolt of the air fil-

   ter and outer cpver of the oil nozzle,and

   then check the air filter.

(3)Check the outer cover of the oil nozzle.

    Loosen the butterfly nut and open the

    outer cover.

2-3 Checking the operation of the diesel      


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